The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing® is most complete method available for achieving easier and comfortable birth. It is based on belief that a healthy woman carrying a healthy baby, having a health pregnancy, who is properly prepared, is able to have a comfortable and gentle birthing.

"My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy

of a truly safe, comfortable and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby „

Marie Mongan 


The founder of HypnoBirthing® is Marie Mongan who developed well thought out program, designed to learn how to birth in more comfortable manner,  including education in: 

- breathing techniques, 

- self hypnosis, 

- relaxation,

- affirmation,

- visualization,

- bonding, 

- story telling, and 

- anatomy and physiology of woman's body 

in order to assist the birthing mother to become empowered and confident, as she trusts the inner wisdom of her body to know to birth her baby intuitively. 

The classes are taught in 5, 2½ hour classes where individual classes can be held at the location of your choosing, for instance at your home, and group classes are held at wonderful Womanhood Studio in Delft. 

"HypnoBirthing returns a woman the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birthing instincts and to birth her baby with ease „ 

What will you learn in the HypnoBirthing® program?

Building a Positive Experience 

- HypnoBirthing and its philosophy

- Instinctive birth, how we have birthed in the past, how we birth now  

- Woman's body is wonderfully created to give birth: peek into anatomy and physiology of birthing 

- Words do matter, learning the vocabulary that will evoke comfortable emotions and positive hormones 

- Using self hypnosis to create positive birth outcomes, how does it work?

Baby, Body and Mind  - Let Them Bond 

- Falling in love with your baby, activities to connect with the baby while in utero and reinforcing baby's welcome after baby's birth. 

- Preparing your mind and body for birthing success

- Breathing techniques 

- Positions for relaxation

- Deep relaxation techniques and visualization, Rainbow script   

- Learning Light Touch Massage 

- Toning the body 

- Preparing your body for healthy birthing with proper nutrition 

- Selecting care provider and your birthing environment 


Preparing To Welcome Your Baby

- Deepening relaxation techniques 

- Define you birth preferences

- How to avoid artificial induction of labor

- Your body and your baby are working with you and for you during pregnancy and birth 

- Instinctive birth, returning back to our birthing roots

- Releasing emotions, fears and limiting thoughts


When The Birth Starts 

- The phases of birth explained simply 

- Preparation of birth companion's role for labor  

- As labor moves along, relaxation and breathing techniques 

- What to do when labor slows or rests

- Misconceptions about labor

- Hallmarks of labor 

- What is happening when the labor advances

- Birth breathing 

- The power of doing nothing 

Final Act of Birth and Bonding 

- Breathing Love Bringing Life

- Positions for labor, descent and birthing 

- Breastfeeding 

- Bonding with your baby

On the course you will get your own copy of class text book HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method including Rainbow Relaxation and Affirmations CD. 

" Note from Nina for yoU „

 I am fun, knowledgeable, and simply love everything about sharing my knowledge on such important and wonderful topic as is birth. Therefore, expect classes that will empower you and your birthing partner, classes that will be fun.

If there are any questions in relation to HypnoBirthing® do not hesitate to contact me.  

Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute and HypnoBirthing Nederland en Belgie.