Choosing a doula is personal decision. It is important to know your doula's training, experiences and professional attitude. Nevertheless, it is even more important to feel if you and your birthing partner can connect with your doula.  I am trained doula that strives for continuous education. My doula and childbirth education services are formed on evidence based knowledge. I am multilingual with being fluent in English and Dutch. I am experienced at working with English speaking clients as well as with Dutch speaking health care providers. I work with high ethic and professional standards toward my clients and members of the birthing team. I am committed to address emotional needs during pregnancy, birth and beyond with understanding, empathy and love.                                                                                                                                                      

doula service in glance

  • Minimum of 3 prenatal home visits 

  • One visit together with you at your chosen midwifery practice 

  • Unlimited e-mail/phone/text support providing counseling and resources throughout your pregnancy until 6 weeks postpartum

  • 24/7 on call starting at 37 weeks

  • Help writing birth plan

  • Continuous support throughout your birth at home, hospital or birthing center

  • Present 1-2 hours after your birth 

  • Two postpartum visits

Price for Doula Service 895 EUR

Price for Doula Service and HypnoBirthing 1195 EUR 



We will meet first for an introduction meeting. This meeting will serve us to get to know each other. You, and your partner will be able to ask me any kind of questions that seem important to you when choosing the right person to be your doula. 

If you chose me to be your doula we will meet minimally 3 times prior to your predicted due date. These meetings will serve us to get to know each other better, they will help you to gain trust in me and to form a bond with me for a most wonderful journey of your life, birthing of your baby. In these meetings, we will through pleasant talks, learn what are your expectations about birthing in The Netherlands. We will discuss birthing process that you envision to have, and all other side ways the the birthing might take. Further, we will investigate if there are possible fears on your and on your partner's side, that could hinder birthing and how you can transcendence these. If you will wish so, we will together work on your birthing plan. 


Each of these sessions will take up to 1.5 hours and will be scheduled at your convenience.


From the week 37 to week 42 I will be there to support you at any moment you, your baby and your partner will need me to. Middle of the night, weekend, whenever, I will be one call or message away to answer on any kinds of questions. Also, I will regularly get into contact with you to see how you are feeling. And when the birthing starts and you will feel the need for my presence, I will be there within 1 hour and I will stay until the baby is born. In this time I will not leave your side. Through the birthing, I will be there to take care you are staying relaxed and you feel comfortable. When you will wish so, I will utilize various techniques such as breathing, visualization and massage to help you to get through tough moments. Naturally, I will be there to support also your partner. Besides, I will strive to collaborate with the medical personnel in a most professional manner.  



I will visit you in the week after the birth. On this occasion we will together enjoy your baby, we will talk about the birthing, about your feelings, and we will discuss your difficulties (if any) and your needs. 




+31 61 961 87 09 

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