To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word miracle.

Paul Carver

dr. nina bogerd 

Becoming a mother meant for me discovery of unconditional love. In my early adulthood I was rather dedicated to research and lecturing physiotherapy, physiology and human movement science at research institutes and universities. 

Once Neo's heart started to beat under mine, I was instantly aware "someone’s life will be always more precious than mine". With his birth, motherhood had been awoken to the potentials I had not realized I was carrying within me. This powerful feeling of love toward my son took over my life. And I embraced it wholeheartedly. Few years, academic positions and countries later, another heart-beat, Njal a most wonderful brother. And then soon another brother, Noah, however with a heart-beat too weak to be born into this word. Motherhood did not only offered me to experience unconditional love. It also awoke in me compassion. 

Therefore, it was no surprise that when refugee crisis engulfed Europe I felt a strong pull to dedicate my self to the unprivileged, above all to expecting mothers and their children. Compassion pawed the road to start making difference in other people's lives. There have been rarely more rewarding moments in my life than seeing hope in the eyes of refugees mothers. I have traveled to the refugee camps on Balkans, where I was appointed to the local and international organizations with aim to help pregnant refugee women and young mothers. I extended this work on providing material, educational and emotional support to the pregnant refugee women in south of The Netherlands. Through this philanthropic journey I have been asked to provide support refugee mothers during birth. Not really being conscious about it, this was my birthing journey to become doula and childbirth educator. In 2019 I decided to follow the pull of my heart, left my academic career and became professional doula and childbirth educator for expats and refuges . 

With my Dutch husband Niels and my two sons, Neo and Njal, I live in Den Haag, The Netherlands. We are family that loves traveling. It is our way to take time to slow down, to return to our selves, to return to each other. 

Am I your doula and/or childbirth educator? 

let's find out!

Choosing a doula is personal decision. It is important to know your doula's training, experiences and professional attitude. Nevertheless, it is even more important to feel if you and your birthing partner can connect with your doula. 

I am trained doula that strives for continuous education. My doula and childbirth education services are formed on evidence based knowledge. I am multilingual with being fluent in English and Dutch. I am experienced at working with English speaking clients as well as with Dutch speaking health care providers. I work with high ethic and professional standards toward my clients and members of the birthing team. I am committed to address emotional needs during pregnancy, birth and beyond with understanding, empathy and love.  

But, how do you know if I am doula that connects with you and your partner? 




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