Me are three intertwined stories, Motherhood, Compassion and Outdoors painted on the canvas of life that I share with my two boys, Neo and Njal and my husband, Niels. 

 Life that in past, had followed the passion for teaching and research at various research institutes and universities within the fields of physiology, exercise and physiotherapy.

Life where I have followed the calling of my heart and become

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Doula.



Becoming a mother meant  for me discovery of an unconditional love. Once Neo's heart started to beat under mine, I was instantly aware "someone’s life will be always more precious than mine".

With his birth, motherhood in me has been awaken to the potentials I have never realized I had been carrying within me.

Few years later, another heart-beat, Njal a most wonderful brother. And then soon another brother, Noah, however with a heart-beat too weak to be born into this word, but always in my thoughts. 

" Two wonderful sons have given me wonderful opportunity, to fulfill

the most unique role of my life, being a mother   


Urge to help the unprivileged has been in me since I remember. Nevertheless, only the extend of the refugee crisis in 2015 amplified it and pawed the road to make a difference in other people's lives.

I have traveled to the refugee camps in Balkans, where I was appointed to the local and international organizations with personal aim to help pregnant refugee women and young mothers.

I extended this work in the last years on providing material relieve, educational and emotional support to the pregnant refugee women in Zuid-Holland. Through this humanitarian journey I have been asked to provide support during birthing.

"It was not just their births, it was also my birth,

 the birth of doula  


My sanctuary are Slovenian Alps, where I love long, relaxing hikes in green forests, up to the peaks offering magnificent hiking and climbing opportunities topped with well deserved views.

When being in The Netherlands, my sanctuary are long, early morning  runs in Delftse Hout. And when the wind is right, I reach for kite-surf, the ultimate reflection of my personal goal of never giving up learning to be best version of my self.   

" Outdoors offers me reflection of my inner state, an opportunity to reach over my limitations. It offers me freedom and happiness   


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